Our Services

Processing direct hire and custom clearance for Maids

Direct Hire maid from Lampung to Singapore

Get back your ex maid from Lampung. We can help you to arrange flight ticket from Lampung to Batam, and sending to Singapore on the same day.

Direct Hire maid from Bandung and Jakarta to Singapore

We Processing direct hire maid from Bandung, Cirebon, and Jakarta via Batam.

Direct Hire maid from Lombok, Bali, Sumbawa, and Kupang

Maids coming from Lombok, Bali, Kupang, and Sumbawa is special process. Because the local Government is still not allowed. But, we can do it. So, it's no problem.

Passport processing and renewal in Indonesia

Processing passport in Indonesia is very expensive. The charge arround $750 for renewal only. So, if your maid already have passport, no need to renewal in Indonesia.

Housing maids and lodging in Batam

If the maid exit from Singapore and don't want come back to her hometown, let her come to Batam. We arrange housing and lodging with 3 time of meals. $10 per day.

Anything about the maids problem, We are specialize for resolve it

Don't waste your energy for providing maid in Indonesia. Let me to handling everything you need.